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Princesses and knights Show

Excursion available in 2023... ⏳ We are already preparing magical experiences for you! 

Costumes, friendship, games and lots of fun! Who will win?

Children from different Magic lodgings dress up and meet at the Magic Robin Hood Resort.

Here the adventure begins with games, team competitions and different events.

An experience they will remember for a lifetime!


  • 17:00 in the Lady Marian lounge of Magic Robin Hood Resort where the activity will be explained and participants will be divided into groups.
  • 17:45 you can go to the door of the Castle, where the activity will take place.
  • 18:00 doors open to start the activity.
  • 18:15 start of the Princesses and Knights show!

Remember to bring the costume and crown made in the activity workshop!